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Celebration time! has named FORGET ME NOT as its
2010 Best Book of the Year, Genre: Faith-Affirming Romantic Thrillers.



Writing isn’t an isolated profession.  Much of what we do as writers, we do alone, sequestered with our thoughts and imaginations.  Some are introverts by nature, but some are extroverts and people people.

When good or bad news comes to a writer, often it is celebrated or grumbled about inside the writer’s mind, with close associates or family.    For many reasons, the writer often chooses not to share good news.  Could be that the person s/he would share it with is going through a tough time, isn’t in a good place, or is under the hammer on other fronts that makes it inappropriate or insensitive.

Some have to savor news a bit before sharing it.  I tend to fall into that category.  As a writer, even an established one, there are always hurdles and obstacles.  Those never go away.  Typically, they’re more frequest than the triumphs or good things.  That’s pretty normal.   So when something good happens, you just want to soak it in and enjoy it, let it permeate and settle in.

One small good thing can wipe out years of tough stuff.  And what a blessing it is when it happens on a project that you wrote for a specific purpose and climbed a long way out on a limb to do it.

I had such a purpose in writing FORGET ME NOT, and I wasn’t at all sure how it would be received.  It required a big leap of faith–but it was one that I had to take or to living with knowing I didn’t.

While awards and honors, good reviews and heart-touching notes from readers are always a privilege and a blessing, when you’re out on that limb waiting for reaction to a leap of faith you’ve taken, something wonderful and good happening is all the sweeter.

My gratitude to and those who chose this book.  You made this woman one happy writer. 🙂




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