Warning:  This is a no-edit zone…

In 2005, I began blogging.  I do four different blogs regularly, and
over the years I have done many additional blogs that pertain to writing and other topics.  There were no “sharing” options, so if you wanted to share with people on a specific site, you blogged and posted there.

That led to an enormous time investment.  Time that I was not writing and that cut deeply into any personal life.

With the advancements in sharing, and due to a serious need to
effectively apportion my time, I’ve elected to consolidate.

So I’m rolling the posts into the MY KITCHEN TABLE blog, which more often than not has been about writing and these other topics, anyway.  Those blogs being consolidated are:

Writers Write
Writers Toolbox
Author, I Am
1 Writer, 1 Life
Everyday Woman
Bless Our Hearts
Limping in the Fast Lane
Startup Space
Net Halo
Digg blog
Bebo blog


MY KITCHEN TABLE  My Kitchen Table

Links to the My Kitchen Table posts will be at:
Journalscape, Facebook (both pages), Twitter
Myspace, Networked Blogs, Shoutlife, Blogger
Author Central, WordPress

THINKING ALOUD  Thinking Aloud
Journalscape, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace
Networked Blogs, Shoutlife, Author Central
As a Mom, Ning, Blogger

Blogger, Networked Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Ning

KIDS’ FAITH ZONE  Kids Faith Zone

I will be consolidating further.  (Takes a bit of time to reroute articles and ancillary attachments.)  I’m doing this in stages because there are so many of you impacted.  This is Stage 1.  I’ll let you know when Stage 2 is active.

Thanks so much!




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