I’ve put together a newsletter for writers that includes two of my most often requested articles on writing.   Are You a Candle or a Mirror and The Fictional Dream.

The Candle/Mirror article is about the writer.  Understanding the impact of writing on readers and on yourself–so that you’ll gain a deep understanding of the consequences of your writing.  It seems appropriate to look at this, particularly at this new year’s time of fresh starts and new beginnings.

The Fictional Dream is a craft article with several advanced elements and methods of achieving desired emotional impact and results in the crafting of the work.

(Both articles are also in the Writers’ Library, if you have access.   If you don’t, you’re welcome to gain access.  Click here for the ap.)

The cluster of questions received in the Writers’ Zone lately have centered around things that are addressed in these articles.

Writers Zone News.pdf

Belated Happy New Year to you all.  I’ve been down with a positively wicked eye infection (as you could see in the website welcome video) but didn’t want to delay in getting this out to you.


General “Head’s Up” Note:

As soon as the eyes are healed, I’m going to be moving articles posted to My Kitchen Table before July 2008 to the library.


Attn:  Sylvia:  I’ll be happy to respond to your question on your specific situation with your editor, but your email and message came through garbled, so you’ll need to resend it.  I’m not sure if it’s a net burp or some other challenge, but everything except your signature line was garbled.  (Wanted you to know that you’re not on ignore, and I do understand the urgency of this situation and your need for a quick response.)




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