Think Your Reviewer Was Tough?

It’s enough to have you pulling the hair right out of your head.

If you think a review on your book was tough, check out this one:

Typically, a reviewer at least reads the book before slamming it, but not in this case.  And what he says about when the book is actually written has my jaw on the floor.

In my years in this business, I’ve met many reviewers.  Most are genuine, ethical people who would never consider writing a review on a book that doesn’t exist or allow their feelings toward an author color their opinion on a book.

The brass with which he “apologizes” (using that term VERY loosely) is as much an insult as the initial action.  The newspaper is credited with more grace.

Anyway, if you think you’ve got review troubles, reading this story should grant you a great deal of perspective.

And remember:  a review is a subjective opinion.  The professionals take their work very seriously and adhere to professional ethics.  I’m sure those pros are cringing at this conduct.



Vicki Hinze

December 18, 2006



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