The Pitch

Pitching your novel to an editor or agent causes many writers anxiety.  Here are a few tips that will hopefully squelch that!

Remember:  No matter how much an editor loves your book, s/he can’t buy what s/he can’t sell.  So when you pitch…

1. Know what you’re selling and that it is a project that this editor/agent buys and markets.
2. Quickly relate the project type, status, word length.  (i.e.  TITLE is a complete 90,000 word thriller.)  Now the editor knows where it fits on the publishing list and that it’s ready to market.  (Think where would I find this book in bookstores?)
3.Create a short overview of the book, focusing on character and conflict incorporating the setting.  (You’ve already set the tone by telling the type of book, but use mood words here that are consistent with novel tone.  (Think very short back cover copy on a novel.)
4.Be flexible.  The agent or  publisher knows what sells for him/her.  If revising ups your odds of selling, and you want to sell, revise.
5.Be confident, and certain you’re pitching your best!
6.Be professional.  Being gracious is always an asset.

Good luck!



Vicki Hinze

P.S.  A note to my regular readers.  I’m now writing three blogs.  This one will focus on writing craft and life.  Vicki Hinze on Writing will focus on the art of writing and creativity.  Faith Zone focuses on my spiritual journey.  You can find out more on this on the welcome (home), news pages and in the Reader’s Corner.  Xtra Blessings to you all!  Vicki


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