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Tough economic times impacts our local libraries, too, and because we’re in tough times, the demand on libraries is increasingly high.

If you aren’t already, consider becoming a friend to your local library.   With budget cuts and high demand, many are struggling.  Even buying basic supplies is a challenge.

For authors, why not donate a complimentary copy of your books?  Then, if the library wasn’t able to buy the book, they now have a copy in the system.  And many libraries have inter-loan systems, so your book is available to other readers.

The simple fact is that many readers can’t afford to buy anything unessential right now.  But we want to continue to encourage people to read.

I spent some time on one of the social networks recently listening to a lot of discussion between people in their teens and twenties.  There was a lot of vulgar language, a lot of misuse of language, and it became evident that they need access to constructive stories.  I’m not saying anything against these people, I’m saying they could benefit huge from greater access.  This isn’t a time when we want to lose libraries–and it’s clear by cuts that if we don’t want to lose them, then we have to help them.

There’s a listing of local libraries on my website.  Find one close to you, or if you can, choose a couple and send books, do what you can to help them.

By helping them, you help yourself, and those who depend on what they offer.

Also, I’ve created a graphic you’re welcome to put on your website or social network pages.  It’s listed below and I hope I see it plastered everywhere. 🙂




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