Good News

We often hear about everything going wrong.  Far less often, we hear what’s going right.

So I thought I’d share a few “good news” tidbits picked up at the conference, and ask all of you who attended to email me the good news you picked up there.  When it comes in, I’ll compile it, and post it.

Maybe it’ll help off-set the post-conference blahs and help us feel better about spending gorgeous summer days indoors at our desks. 🙂

Good News.  According to the book buyers for some of the major chains, independents, and several book distributors, the genre is experiencing growth.   Also, used book sales, which are growing (thanks to the Internet) are not believed to be causing a decrease in sales–they’re up!

Good News.  Historical novels are on the rise.

Good News.   Borders is increasing its shelf space for the genre.

What good news did you hear at the conference?

If you’d like to share it, please email it to me at




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