Do You Believe in Holiday Magic?
I do believe.  I do, I do, I do…


I suppose that whether or not you believe in holiday magic depends on whether or not you believe in magic at all, and on your personal definition of magic.

In my definition, magic and miracle are synonymous and, I believe, originate from the same source.

During the holidays people are more attuned to magical events and miracles–and because they are, many set out to make a miracle for someone else.  The spirit of the season, so to speak.

They volunteer at soup kitchens, donate to charities, buy gifts for those who wouldn’t otherwise have them.  Some do these things for people they know, some pluck a message off a tree at the mall and make some child’s dream for a new toy or clothes or some other item come true.

A few days ago, I saw a stranger walk up to a man pushing a shopping cart, put something in the man’s hand and heard him say, “Merry Christmas.”

Perhaps that’s not a miracle in your book, or holiday magic at work, but I’m betting it was to the man pushing the cart.

Miracles, like beauty, are in the eyes of the beholder.  If you need a light bill paid and a windfall comes your way that enables you to do it, that’s a miracle.  If you’re out of a job and find one, that’s a miracle.  If you’re alone on Christmas Day, feeling isolated and despairing and you’re welcomed into someone else’s home and made a part of their celebration, that’s a miracle.

Often we discuss what we’re getting for Christmas.  Less often we discuss what we’re giving–and that’s fine.  The best and most fulfilling gifts given are those given anonymously.  But let’s not miss the opportunity to experience holiday magic.

This holiday season, dare to believe in magic and miracles, and help others believe.  Experience the ultimate thrill:

Make a miracle happen for someone else.





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