Deadline Crazies

Rumors of my demise are exaggerated.

I’ve been suffering a malady common to writers–deadline-itis.  And I’m happy to report that I’ve survived!

I’m typically up for trying new writing techniques and methods but I’ve always resisted one thing many writers do regularly–co-authoring a book.  Well, a friend approached me with a project that was different.  It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever written–which is saying something on its own–and it intrigued me.  Still, I hesitated.  I’ve co-created a series of novels but in that series, we each wrote our own books.  This would be a co-authoring a book situation, and frankly, I wasn’t eager to board that jet.  Over the years, I’ve heard far too many horror stories to blindly jump.

But the author offered me a parachute.  I figured, I had nothing to lose.  And so we struck an agreement that played to our strengths and . . . we did it!

I’ve just finished the final draft and I am so excited about this book that I’m giddy.  The experience has been overwhelmingly positive, and the book… well, I love it.  It’s a YA and I’m very pleased.

We brought our strengths to the table and because they’re different, we’ve created a book that is far stronger than either of us could have created alone.

Would I do it again?

With this partner, yes.  I would.  For now, stay tuned.




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