Childish Games

It’s important the people should know what you stand for. It’s equally important that they know what you won’t stand for.

-Mary H. Waldrip

People never cease to amaze me.  Perhaps that’s why I find them so intriguing and interesting.  Even well-balanced individuals can do really, well, unbalanced things.

For example.  At four this morning, I got about a half dozen phone calls back-to-back.  Hang up calls, where the caller’s intention wasn’t to talk to anyone at this house, just to awaken those in it.

Twenty minutes later, a second series of calls came in.  Same caller.  Who waited, you know, just long enough to allow the a person to get back to sleep, so they could disturb them again.

This is a conduct one expects from young kids.  But, if I hadn’t known it before, I’d have learned this morning, it’s also the conduct of immature, childish adults who lack the courage and/or common sense to simply say what they want to say openly and honestly in an adult manner.  They hide behind phones and other cloaks of anonymity–or try to.

I’ll add this knowledge to the heap on characterization.  It’s inappropriate to attach to a protagonist, of course, but it could come in handy with villains or secondary characters, particularly with those who should know better but let faulty judgment override good sense anyway.

Two points worthy of note.

1.  The intention failed.  I was up, working on a website design.  The calls didn’t disturb a soul (other than the caller), though they did remind me that it was time to take a coffee break.  So thanks.

2.  A reminder.  The truth has a way of coming to light–and in this case, it already has.  The caller attempted to hang up before caller ID could kick in.  Didn’t work.

A note to the caller:  If you were attempting to use *69, you might want to have it checked.  It’s not working.

I’d suggest doing so now.  Later today, you well might not have phone service.





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